What is a Doxology? : Praise and theology in song
The Doxology : Praise God from whom all blessings flow


Offertory : A short meditative pause


The Psalms : Scripture’s hymnbook

Skill set

Watch your tone : The twin challenges of pitch and range
Transposition : A necessary skill
Start off as you mean to go on : Beginnings, middles and endings
Lead with skill : An act of service


Preaching to the choir : The congregation IS the choir!
Undercover choristers : The Church musician’s secret weapon
Introducing new music : Sing a new song – just not too often!

Personal Thoughts

Restricted repertoire : It’s not a bad thing!
The soundtrack of our lives : The value of hymnbooks
Undercover musicians : Musicians should be heard and not seen!
Hymnbooks vs overhead projection : Don’t dump your hymnbooks